My First PC Hardware Project

Tuesday, Apr 21, 2020| Tags: iot, car, hardware, college, old, nostalgia

Just found some old photographs of my first computer hardware project that I did as my final year bachelor’s graduation project (Bachelor of Computer Applications) in 2003 from OU PG College Osmania University in Secunderabad.

We took a remote controlled car and connected its controls to computer using parallel port (Yeah that was a thing then).

We finished it the morning before we were supposed to demo it to our examiner’s at college. I was so afraid that it would not work after we completed it that I did not have the nerve to test it. After being prodded by my friends I finally tested it and it worked. The funny part though was that my friends started playing with it and the battery died before we could show it to examiner and we had no backup batteries.

Nevertheless examiner still liked it ;-)

Lost all source code, well… github did not exist then. :-(

Here are the pics.





Thanks to my friends who supported me in building this, in no particular order - Praveen (My partner in this project), Raghu, Victor, Sudhakar, Naresh. You guys are awesome!!!