How to stay updated With AWS developments

Tuesday, Jan 7, 2020| Tags: aws

With AWS releasing myriad of services and features every week how do you even get to know what got released and what is relevant to you. On top of the new services/features getting released there are a lot of blogs that get released by AWS solution architects and engineers that provide useful instructions to achieve specific use cases.

Imagine being able to get all the relevant details in your inbox automatically and is separate from your email that allows you to focus.

Welcome to RSS feeds from AWS. I will point you to specific RSS feeds that you can use to staty updated.

Before you can begin you will need an RSS feedreader that can notify you whenever anything new becomes available from AWS. Officially not all RSS feeds seem to be publicized from AWS but you can always get the feeds by hitting the URLs directly. I will share the links below that you can use.

I am on Mac and the RSS feedreader I use is Luck News

You can simply copy the feed URL and use it in your feed reader to get notified of anything new from AWS.

The most important RSS feeds from AWS for most people, probably are:

You also have blogs specific to domains that you might be interested in:

# Feed Feed URL
1. AWS Architecture Blog
2. AWS Big Data Blog
3. AWS Business Productivity
4. AWS Cloud Enterprise Strategy Blog
5. AWS Compute Blog
6. AWS Containers Blog
7. AWS Cost Management
8. AWS Database Blog
9. AWS Developer Blog
10. AWS DevOps Blog
11. AWS Government, Education, & Nonprofits Blog
12. AWS Infrastructure & Automation
13. AWS IoT Blog
14. AWS Machine Learning Blog
15. AWS Management & Governance Blog
16. AWS Mobile Blog
17. Networking & Content Delivery
18. AWS Open Source Blog
19. AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog
20. AWS Robotics Blog
21. AWS Security Blog
22. AWS Startups Blog
23. AWS Storage Blog